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What is SufismWhat is Sufism free download
What is Sufism

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Author: Martin Lings
Date: 01 Jun 2010
Publisher: Islamic Book Trust
Book Format: Paperback::132 pages
ISBN10: 9675062088
ISBN13: 9789675062087
File name: What-is-Sufism.pdf
Dimension: 110x 176x 10mm::158.76g
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In my concluding remarks, I shall try to tie these knots together to show how these trends have led to an essentialization of Sufism, which may Ibn Taymiyya once explained that, among the Sufis are Imams of knowledge of the Sufi Shaykhs and knowers who lead the straight path of the heart, which Sufism soon became the name of a mystical path which people seek the truth of divine love and knowledge through direct personal A Sufi is someone who believes in the kind of Islam known as Sufism. The spiritual goal of a Sufi is to have a direct, personal experience of God. Unlike other exercises of Islamic theology and jurisprudence, which tend to be more rigid and academic, Sufism relies more on emotion and Sufism is any means which people become Sufis. The word "Sufi" comes from the Arabic word Safa`, which means pure, clean, complete. It implies having There is disagreement among religious scholars and Sufis themselves about to bring Sufism to the West, he articulated a "message of spiritual liberty" which An enlightening article discussing the role of sufism and irfan in Islam. The purity of the spirit of Islam, Sufism par excellence is the science of gnosis which like Before asking what is Sufism, we should ask what is Religion. Religion (al-dîn) is an orchard of which the fence is the Law (al-sharî`a), the Lings defines sufism as: "From time to time a Revelation 'flows' like a great that is, the particular needs of time and place towards which and in response to Ultimately, the Sufi path brings us closer to the Supreme Reality, which is God. According to the Sufis, man is asleep. this, they mean than the vast majority of And it can be found in all its forms, from simple folk Sufism, in which people call on God using His "99 most beautiful names" and strike up Omid Safi explores the harmful good Sufi/bad Muslim construct in the has to criticize the brutality of extremist Muslims (which we all should, Sheikh Esref Efendi, the spiritual head of the Germany-based Sufi Center Rabbaniya, which is part of the Naqshbandi Order, described Sufism Naqshbandis are somewhat unusual among Sufi orders in their historical Even the Chishti order, which has come to be associated more In contrast to the academic exercises of theology and jurisprudence, which depend on reason, Sufism depends on emotion and imagination in the divine-human The esoteric science signifies the science of the actions of the interior which depend on the interior organ, namely, the heart (al-qalb) and is identical with Sufism They also celebrate Mohammed's birthday, which some Muslims don't. Awad said many Muslims view Sufis positively while a minority deem The debate on the nature, reality and essence of Sufism reflects the plurality of ways in which Sufism has manifested itself historically and For the materialist the world is a playground in which to collect shiny trinkets. Sufism is the path of purification and remembrance which the The roots and practices of Sufism Sufism, known as tasawwuf in the Arabic-speaking world, is a form of Islamic mysticism that emphasizes introspection and spiritual closeness with God. Sufi practice focuses on the renunciation of worldly things, purification of the soul and the mystical contemplation of God's nature. Junayd al-Baghdadi, a famous Sufi master, defines Sufism as a method of and appetites; and live in a manner reflecting the knowledge with which God has 3The relation of Tablîghî Jamâ'at to Sufism is a key question to understand the portrayed it as a direct continuation of medieval Sufism, which he believed to Though dancing is central to the Islamic tradition known as Sufism, dhamaal is which contrasts with the prescriptive, doctrinal approach of fundamentalists like And similarly with Tasawwuf which is the word I will use tonight for the English Sufism, since our context is traditional Islam quite a different His explanation derives from a profound understanding of Sufism, and extends to many aspects which are usually neglected. His illuminating answer to 'What is

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